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The Earth Junkies Project is managed by Well Worn, a registered Not for Profit (066-694-NPO). Well Worn is a young and vibrant Physical Theatre company with a strong environmental ethos. Started in Johannesburg in 2008 by Kyla Davis, Well Worn aims to create new and stimulating theatrical work around the themes of climate change and global warming, sustainable and holistic development, social justice and the ever-growing ‘Eco-Consciousness’ taking over our planet.

Well Worn would like to contribute towards creating a local and global society that values Life above the vested interests of Big Business and Bad Governance. We also strive to encourage, through theatre, the positive emotional, spiritual and physical growth of humans and their communities and our Earth. Well Worn wants to be part of the Solution.

For more information on our current location or a pdf. breakdown of our workshops, please contact us:

Daréll Lourens, Director, Cinemaphotographer and Writer is the director and founder of Eentweedee Produksies. In operation since 2004, Eentweedee has created world class films throughout Africa and Europe. Currently specializing in Long Format Documentary, Eentweedee is known for its cutting edge visual style, always striving to elevate even the grimmest of subject matter to the level of visual poetry, a philosophy that Eentweedee holds dear.

Emmylou Rabe is the creator and director of Hearth Heritage, a space for conversations about conservation and a PhD candidate focusing on environmental anthropology and human-nature relationships with the goal of achieving sustainable management conservation of natural resources. Emmylou believes that the way forward in this world is to create a new generation of leaders who are environmentally and socially conscious. 

Dylan McGarry is the co-founder and director of the Arkwork Collective, a non-profit organisation based in South Africa, that responds to climate change and environmental justice in a creative and new way. He is currently completing his PhD in Environmental Education, at the Environmental  Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University with a split site contingent in social sculpture at the Art department at Oxford Brookes University. Dylan is also an artist with a particular interest in expanding the concept of art to create new instruments and practices that encourage ecological citizenship.