The age-old practice of oral storytelling is a viable tool that can be used for public good and collectively changing our behavior. Storytelling can have a powerful and very positive influence on the lives of children. The workshops are based on the first episode of ‘The Adventures of the Earth Junkies’ written by DarĂ©ll Lourens. It features two 6-year-old girls, Dee and Em, and follows them as they visit communities to meet new children from various cultures and learn what they think Mother Earth is, what she means to them, and how they can help her feel healthier.

The project works in conjunction with already existing networks and practices. The workshops are held within schools, alongside teachers to always bridge possible linguistic barriers with children. In cases where the teacher does not speak English a local translator is appointed through one of our partners in the community.

To facilitate the integration of this knowledge into everyday thought and practice, the project works with children in the foundation phase (5 to 9 years of age).